Really? Why didn’t I know?

Let me get this straight. I owe taxes, but we can't make a cash distribution to pay my tax liability?

We can help!

Why are there pieces missing from my financial puzzle?

Is someone hiding bad news? How can I get my accountants to think, anticipate and communicate like business owners?

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Do I have the Balance Sheet to support property and tenant commitments?

There are so many moving parts ... how do I prioritize my resources?

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Give me some warning!

I'm running from one surprise to the next!

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Owner … put those papers down … “Here’s the Story”

I don't have time to deal with reams of financial statements! Just tell me the story! De-mystify the financials and show me you can simplify the complex.

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About The Company

We believe that traditional accounting for real estate is flawed. Typical reporting focuses on historical operations rather than quarterly projections of revised expectations to support ownership and management decisions.

TPG Systems Company Story

Who We Are

TPG Systems is made up of a group of Results Based Controllers with a multitude of varying backgrounds in the real estate and financial industries.

Key Personnel

What We Do

TPG Systems, Inc. provides managed financial and accounting services to the real estate industry. Our unique “results based” staff is trained in ReoAccounting®, to exceed your reporting and communication expectations. And we manage the staff for you, so you no longer have to worry about training, turnover, or staff shortages.

What TPG Systems Does