ReoCommunicationssm Seminars

What is ReoCommunicationssm?

ReoCommunicationssm stands for Real Estate Owner’s Communications.  It is, simply put, a user friendly, pro-active  method of “communicating” financial activities (both historical and future) to owners.  ReoCommunicationssm improves communication, saves valuable time, and in turn saves money.

It is no secret that communication is the key to a successful business.  However, when it comes to financial reporting … communication is often sacrificed to unnecessary detail and accounting “mystery”.  ReoCommunicationssm Seminars introduce unique tools to assist you in becoming a better “communicator”.

Time is money … without timely and accurate reporting, opportunities may be overlooked or investment activities maybe inappropriate.  ReoCommunicationssm reports not only what has already happened, but emphasizes the changes and future “expectations” through out the year.  All this information is provided to the owner in a unique, comprehensive summary, because an owner’s time is money … and they shouldn’t be doing the pencil pushing!

When are the seminars available?

TPG Systems works for you, and with you.  We cater to each company and individual’s needs.  There are several options to choose from:

*Corporate Seminars

TPG Systems can host Corporate Seminars on and as needed basis.  Each seminar caters to each company’s individual needs.  Seminars can be held on site, or at an outside location.  Depending on each company’s unique needs, seminars can last from 2 to 4 hours.

*Seminars for individual participants

TPG Systems hosts seminars for individuals who wish to attend.  To receive more information, please fill out the contact information below .  Be sure to include your name, company name and business phone and address.