Complete Outsourcing of Financial & Accounting Services

Team constructing dollar sign with puzzle piecesWhat we can provide your company …

TPG Systems not only provides companies with timely and accurate financial reporting, but also communicates evolving operating “expectations” in a language every owner or manager will understand.

Typical financial reporting focuses on historical operations rather than future expectations.  The reams of financial reports processed often compromise understanding.  TPG Systems poses these questions – Who has time to read reports by the pound?  If they have the time, do they understand what they are reviewing?  Why take all that time if it’s old news? Without timely and accurate financial communication, operating or investment activities may be inappropriate or opportunities may be overlooked.

TPG Systems has developed unique financial reporting called ReoCommunications® (Real Estate Owner’s Communications).  It is not satisfied with just reporting what’s already happened, but emphasizes the changing expectations throughout the year.  It turns reams of financial data into simple, targeted summaries … “Here’s the Story” … about not only what has happened, but what we expect to happen.

TPG Systems not only uses these methodologies in their financial reporting, but also provides ReoCommunications® Seminars to corporations who wish to improve and, perhaps, streamline their financial communication (both internal and external).

*How much will all this cost??

TPG Systems, Inc. provides a menu of services available to its clients.  The menu allows the client to control costs while receiving only those financial services deemed necessary by the owner.  In addition, our fees are flexible and adjust according to your current business needs.