Interim Financial & Accounting Services

Superhero In a bind?  Need an interim controller?

Don’t be held hostage by your accountant!  We can provide you with an experienced controller who understands the real estate industry.  Through “results-based” staffing, TPG Systems, Inc. is able to provide clients with complete and timely financial and accounting services.

We provide interim accounting services to companies for obvious reasons such as medical leave; employee turnover; growth and other business demands.  Whatever the reason, our team of professionals provides “instant” capacity at “variable” costs.

Results-based staffing addresses an organizational flaw that encumbers financial reporting for the real estate industry.  The typical real estate firm manages multiple properties and entities, each with its own accounting, reporting, and financial management requirements.  However, many properties have inadequate cash flow to fairly compensate an appropriately qualified accountant.  The typical accounting department in the real estate industry is structured with a controller overseeing multiple lesser-qualified assistants who handle the accounting functions for multiple properties.  Because each entity has concurrent reporting requirements , this structure results in work-load leveling problems and does not provide the staff quality or capacity necessary to make accounting a value-added component of real estate management.  Furthermore, this structure imposes fixed costs on the company, because costs adjust slowly to changing portfolios, particularly a contracting portfolio.

Through “results-based” staffing, TPG Systems has overcome these difficulties and can provide each entity with its own highly-qualified controller at a cost effective price.  Additionally, as work loads fluctuate, we have the ability to react immediately by eliminating costs directly related to work load reductions or by tapping into excess capacity when demands increase.